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Yossi Ghinsberg: Life Lessons from the Amazon

By UPLIFT on Wednesday September 27th, 2017

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The Real Life Story of Survival that Inspired the Film Jungle

The Hollywood film Jungle, starring Daniel Radcliffe, is based on the true life experience of Yossi Ghinsberg. In 1981, Yossi spent three weeks lost and alone in the Bolivian Amazon. No supplies, no equipment, no map, nothing! Just himself. At first he was convinced he would die and he certainly came close, but then something happened which changed his mindset.

My entire body is just throbbing. I never felt so good in my life. My mind is completely relaxed and there’s clarity, this pounding of power pouring through me.

From that moment on, he realised that he was capable of getting through the ordeal. Not only did he survive but he now inspires others through motivational and transitional workshops and humanitarian work.

I got intoxicated by discovering that I actually can deal with it and it changed my life forever. I wasn’t a victim anymore and I’ve never been a victim ever since.

Listen to Yossi Ghinsberg’s extraordinary story of survival here.

September 27th 2017

About Our Guest:

Yossi Ghinsberg is an Author, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.

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